Epic Card Game 1st Kickstarter Promo Pack

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This exclusive expansion requires an Epic Card Game® base set (such as Epic Duels™ or Guardians of Gowana™).

This 36-card promo pack includes god cards which give players special abilities. It also includes new champions and events, plus alt-art tokens. Contents: Furios Father of Nature, Helena the Valiant, Maligus the Dark One, Riksis Dancer of Destruction, Shadya the Shadow Walker, Tarken the Wise, Valentia Justice Bringer, Zaltessa the Huntress, Aftershock, Cleansing Light, Dark Prince, Elder Greatwurm, Forbidden Research, Hill Giant, Hunting Pterosaur, Inspiration, Kalnor's Blessing, Knight of the Dawn, Necromancer Apprentice, New Dawn, Owl Familiar, Ritual Sacrifice, Scrap Golem, Searing Blast, Spite, Teleport, Time Master, Warrior Angel, 4 Human/Demon Tokens, 4 Wolf/Zombie Tokens

This expansion was unlocked during the 1st Epic Card Game crowdfunding campaign.

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